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Prices in Australian currency (AUD)
All prices are shown in Australian currency (AUD) and include Australian GST.  

How can I work out postage and delivery charges?
You don't need to! We provide free delivery on 99% of items on the website to Australia and New Zealand.  If the "ADD TO SHOPPING BAG" icon is shown, that means that you can add this item to your shopping bag and delivery is free.

If the "IN STORE ONLY" icon is showing, that means you may want to email or call us to discuss delivery charges as those items are too large or too fragile to ship to you by Australia Post. If we can agree a delivery method, we can take your credit card over the phone to cover the item and the delivery.

What does "IN STORE ONLY" mean and why can't I add it to my shopping bag?
You are more than welcome to purchase 'In Store Only" items, but we need to talk about the item and take your details over the phone.

Our website is a mixture of our most favourite products that are available 24/7 and a showcase of our beautiful, hand-crafted and individually designed items. So treat our website a bit like a catalogue for some items.  "In store only" means the item is too large or fragile to post, or it could mean we only have 1 of these items and they are not easy to source should we sell it on-line and in-store at the same time.

Hand made and Australian made
In a world of fast, mass produced fashion, which has its place, we offer something different and unique.

We offer handmade garments, dresses, shawls, blankets and gowns that are crafted by hand in Australia which may be limited edition.  All our hand-made pieces are made in Australia by award winning, professional seamstresses and embroiderers.  Consequently, our prices reflect the many hours and expertise that our Australian experts spend on each individual item.  These items will become family heirlooms, handed down from one generation to the next.  

Our other collections are selected because of their exclusivity, elements that may be tailored specifically for us, hand finishing and beautiful fabrics or materials.

Our toys are also sourced from family owned business'; they may be timber and will last generations.  That little wooden car will be pushed around the floor, live on a bookshelf and eventually be used as a paper weight on a desk somewhere. The special dolly will be admired and played with, be packed away and bought out again for the next little girl.

Our momento's are pieces that stand the test of time; the Bible that will be given as a Christening gift will be used at a Confirmation or Holy Communion, a wedding and the Christening of the next generation.

Create your family tradition with something special from Adrienne & The Misses Bonney St Ives.  Enjoy browsing our website and we look forward to meeting you in-store.

Adrienne & The Misses Bonney St Ives

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